Have you ever stood on the surface of the sea with nothing but a board between you and the waves?

Explore the beauties of Isla Múcura with a quieter alternative to surfing, just you with a board and a paddle, to dazzle you with the landscapes and places that this magnificent island has for you.

With Paddle Surf you will live one of the best experiences of your life and best of all is that you do not need previous knowledge to do it, it is a super easy sport, with the right board and our instructors you can enjoy from the first minute.

Get distracted and sail over the sea while contemplating the breeze that becomes one with you to travel at a good pace.

Paddle Surfing offers you great adventures over places you have never explored before, new thrills and great views from a different perspective.

  • Show your skill and balance
  • Focus on the board and relax your body.
  • Stretch your arms
  • Look straight ahead

Above all, enjoy the sea, imagine an experience that benefits both your mind and your body achieving a perfect connection.

Paddle Surf is the activity that offers you the tranquility and ease of exploring the surroundings of Isla Múcura, but if you have an athletic condition and the desire for adventure are much more extreme, in the open sea you will get great waves.

To enjoy this great activity you only have to make your reservation at the Hotel Isla Múcura and add the Paddle Surf, you can also add this activity from the hotel lobby.

Book now the accommodation that best suits you and enjoy riding the waves of the sea with our maritime activities.

$ 35.000 COP/Person 60 Minutes
  • Live an unforgettable experience
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