1. OBJECT: By virtue of this contract, INVERSIONES MUNDO MUCURA SAS with NIT 901079616-5, hereinafter the HOTEL will provide accommodation to the HUESPED in the room and its accessories, in exchange for a price, for the number of days indicated in the Hotel Registration Card. In no case shall the term exceed 30 consecutive days. 1.1.- The room shall be the one indicated on the Hotel Registration Card. The HOTEL may change the room if the guest accepts it and it is a room with the same or better conditions, or in case of an act of God or force majeure. 1.2.- The check in time is from 13:00 (1:00 pm) on the day of arrival and the check out time is until 9:00 am on the day of departure. The period of time between one time and the other corresponds to the hotel day. Early check in or check out after the indicated time will be subject to availability and the guest must pay the corresponding value. 2. PRICE. 2.1 .- The price of this contract corresponds to the fee per night that the HUESPED is obliged to pay and amounts to the amount indicated in the Hotel Registration Card and corresponds to the reservation made, all of which will be described in the corresponding invoice, unless the reservation has been made and paid through a travel agency, in which case the rate will be the one that has been agreed directly with the agency. 2.2 .- The HUESPED shall also pay all charges for food, beverages, laundry and in general for all those that are generated during your stay and you decide to charge to your account.2.3 .- The HUESPED declares that it has been informed of the rates, fees and generally room rates per night. 2.4 .- Failure to pay the agreed payment will generate interest at the maximum rate allowed HUESPED. 3. CUSTODY OF MONEY AND VALUABLE ITEMS: In the room there is a safety box available to the guest for valuables such as jewelry, cameras, money, cell phones, equipment that remain in the room. The valuables, equipment or utensils that remain in the room or service areas other than those provided by the HOTEL for deposit, will be under the sole risk of the guest since in this case the HOTEL assumes no responsibility in case of loss or damage. OBLIGATIONS: 4.1.- OF THE HOTEL 4.1.1- To attend, receive, process and respond to suggestions, complaints or claims presented by the guest. 4.2.- OF THE GUEST. 4.2.1.- Identify themselves to check in at the HOTEL with an appropriate identity document, presenting their citizenship card in the case of Colombians or their passport or applicable document in the case of foreigners. For minors, a valid identification document must be presented. 4.2.2.- To pay the value of the lodging plus the corresponding taxes. 4.2.3.- To pay the value of all the consumptions and charges made to their account. 4.2.4.- To observe a decorous conduct and to dress appropriately. 4.2.5.- To respond to the slightest fault of their obligations and those of their companions or guests. 4.2.6.- To register at the reception desk of the hotel all companions or guests of the HUESPED who go to their room and pay the corresponding fee or value for each of them. 4.2.7.- To respect the number of persons per room. 4.2.8.- THE GUEST acknowledges that the practice of sports, physical exercises, driving of vessels or vehicles, use of instruments or tools and in general any activity that involves a risk or that may be considered as a dangerous activity, shall be his/her decision, under his/her sole responsibility and implies that the GUEST has the skills and knowledge that allows him/her to assume such risks, exonerating the HOTEL and its officers or employees from any liability in case he/she suffers any damage or injury. 4.2.9.- To use the furniture, fixtures, equipment and in general the facilities of both the room and the HOTEL, in an appropriate manner keeping them in the state in which they are and therefore shall be liable for any damage or loss of the elements and property of the HOTEL, even for slight fault. In case of total or partial loss or damage of the HOTEL’s property due to a cause attributable to the GUEST or his/her companions, the GUEST shall pay the price corresponding to its repair or replacement, as the case may be. 4.2.10.- To respect the authority of the HOTEL Manager. 4.2.11.- To allow the right of inspection and/or surveillance of the room by HOTEL officials. This right shall be exercised in a reasonable manner and includes the right to enter or search the room when, in the HOTEL Manager’s opinion, it is necessary. 4.2.12.-To allow HOTEL’s employees and officials access for routine work and cleaning of the room. 5. TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT. The lodging contract shall be terminated in the following events: 5.1- By expiration of the agreed term. 5.2 .- For breach of any of the obligations of the parties and promptly for failure to pay the price or fee payable by the HUESPED or for failure to pay for food and beverages or other ancillary services that the HUESPED had charged to the room or to your personal account. 5.3.- In the event that, in the sole judgment of the HOTEL, the behavior or attire of the HUESPED is detrimental to the tranquility and / or health of other guests or visitors to the HOTEL. 5.4.- For smoking in the room or in any other smoke-free area of the hotel, when other guests, visitors or users are affected and without prejudice to the payment to be made under the terms set forth below. Paragraph: The termination of the contract does not exonerate or release HUESPED from the payment of outstanding balances. 6. EFFECTS OF TERMINATION. 6.1.- Upon termination of the contract, the HOTEL may freely dispose of the room. Upon termination of the contract and regardless of the cause of termination, the HOTEL is entitled to enter the room, prepare and sign an inventory of the effects and luggage of the guest and remove them from the room to leave them in a safe and adequate deposit, without liability of the HOTEL and at the risk and expense of the HUESPED. 6.3.- If the HUESPED does not pay the bill or part of it, the HOTEL may dispose and sell the luggage and objects of the HUESPED under the terms of Article 1199 of the Commercial Code, to cover the outstanding obligations with its proceeds. The surplus, if any, shall be placed at the disposal of the HUESPED. In case of deficit, the HOTEL may initiate the corresponding actions to obtain the total payment of the amount owed. 7. MISCELLANEOUS. 7.1.- Legal nature of the contract. Pursuant to article 79 of Law 300 of 1996, the hotel contract is a lease contract, of a commercial nature and of adhesion. 7.2 .- The lodging contract is evidenced by the hotel registration card issued by the HOTEL, accepted by the signature of the guest, which states that it adheres to the provisions herein. THE HUESPED expressly accepts that the amount of money stated in the invoice shall be enforceable.7.3.- The HOTEL rejects and does not allow sexual exploitation or any form of sexual abuse. Law 679 of 2001. The HOTEL rejects and does not allow sexual tourism and does not allow the exploitation or sexual abuse of children or adolescents. The HUESPED will not be able to bring into his room minors under eighteen (18) years of age for sexual tourism and whoever does so will incur a prison sentence of 5 to 10 years and a fine of 50 to 100 smmlv. The penalties indicated in the previous paragraph shall be increased by up to half (1/2) when the conducts are carried out with minors under twelve (12) years of age. 7.4.- Charges for smoking in rooms. Being consistent with the care of the environment and health, all rooms are smoke-free. Smoking in the hotel room constitutes a serious breach of the lodging contract that results in its termination and may be removed from the HOTEL if it has affected other guests, visitors or users. If the HUESPED smokes in the room, for each day that he/she does so, he/she shall pay (i) the cost incurred by the HOTEL to deodorize and clean the room corresponding to the value of (1) night at the rate corresponding to his/her accommodation, since the cleaning and deodorization process implies that the HOTEL may not use the room during the following night. The HOTEL promotes compliance with Resolution 572 of 2005 and other regulations for the conservation of Flora and Fauna, as well as the conservation of cultural heritage and property of cultural interest, and contributes to and promotes compliance with Law 397 of 1997 and other applicable regulations. 7.6.- The HOTEL rejects any form of discrimination, distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, political opinion or any other reason or condition that has the purpose or has the effect of impairing, restricting or limiting the full enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms. PRIVACY NOTICE. AUTHORIZATION OF USE OF DATA AND INFORMATION. By signing this contract the HOSPITAL HOLDER expressly authorizes the company INVERSIONES MUNDO MUCURA SAS with NIT 901.079. 616-5 , in its capacity as operator of the HOTEL, to collect and use the information and personal data provided by the OWNER in the Hotel Registration Card such as name, address, identification, nationality, date of birth, email address, landline and mobile or cell phone number, personal preferences and interests, work or activity, in accordance with the policies of safe treatment of the information established by the Hotel itself and by the laws in force with the purpose of carrying out loyalty activities and contacting the owner of the information to send surveys of services after each stay that allow the qualification of the service provided, and to communicate invitations, offers, promotions, portfolio of services or general information that is directed to continue using the Hotel and to offer the corresponding services. The HUESPED authorizes that the information be transferred, transmitted, shared and provided to the company INVERSIONES MUNDO MUCURA SAS, exclusively for the purposes described above. The HUESPED, as the owner of the personal data, shall enjoy all the rights of law, those expressly described in Article 8 of Law 1581 of 2012 and in particular shall have the right at all times to know, access, update and rectify their personal data, revoke the authorization granted or request the deletion of information when appropriate. The information treatment policies may be consulted on the website or at the HOTEL’s reception, where a physical copy of them is available.

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