How to get to Isla Múcura

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Surely if you are here it is because you are planning your next vacation and you are one step away from deciding. I want to tell you something, look no further. If you want to be in paradise, close all the tabs and stay here. Today we are going to tell you how to get to Isla Múcura.
mucura island

Isla Múcura is located in the north of Colombia, in the department of Bolívar, in the San Bernardo Archipelago, well north of the Gulf of Morrosquillo, since 1996 Isla Múcura is part of the national natural park Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo, one of the most visited nature reserves and considered by many people as paradise on earth.

This insular complex is composed of 10 paradisiacal islands of white sands: Santa Cruz del islote, Mangle, Boquerón, Ceycen, Cabruna, Maravilla, Panda, Palma, Tintipán and Isla Múcura.

Are you ready?

Very well, we share with you two alternatives that you are going to love. 😄 Let’s go with the first one:  

From Cartagena to Isla Múcura

It is possible to access the island from different parts but the easiest and most traditional way is from the city of Cartagena.  After securing your space, go to La Bodeguita dock from where our GENTE DE MAR boat departs.  ⛵.

Remember to make your reservation in advance.

You can book the boat transportation with us by Whatsapp.📱 +57 300 710 60 33

Going to the Isla Múcura Hotel
100.000 Colombian pesos
Departing: 9:00 a.m. From the “Muelle de la Bodeguita” gate “Puerta #4, VIP entrance to the Islands” in front of the Walled City in Cartagena.
You must arrive at the pier at 8 a.m. to pay the entrance fee to the national park (only 1 time, $19.000 COP, which you can pay at entrance #1).

Return from Hotel Isla Múcura to Cartagena
100.000 Colombian pesos
Departing: 11:00 am
From the reception of Hotel Isla Múcura.

Luggage Information
8 Kilos per person
Bring only what you can carry on your legs.
*Note: If you plan to bring more, let us know in advance (you really don’t need to bring much, you just need swimwear!).

If you don’t reserve we can’t guarantee a space in our boat. (prior reservation required).

While you put on your life jacket and listen to the indications of the professional guide, prepare your camera because there are landscapes that you will want to remember for a lifetime.

The tour in the boat lasts approximately 2 hours, but I assure you that you will want it to be more, this moment is yours, just imagine that moment, with a magnificent group, in a boat and around you all the Colombian Caribbean.

From Tolú to Múcura Island

If you are a traveler who likes to explore and know the B side of all the places you visit, this option is for you. Because in this alternative half of the way is by land, knowing and transiting Colombian routes.

Take the bus that leaves early in the morning from Cartagena to Tolú. This quiet little town is located about 160 kilometers to the south and you will get there in about 3 hours.

When you arrive at the terminal, let your traveling spirit rise and hop on a bicycle cab that will take you through the streets of this charming town to drop you off at the port from where your boat will depart.

Transfer to the Isla Múcura Hotel
65.000 Colombian pesos
Departure: 12:00 noon. From our MUCURA EXPRESS office at Calle 10 # 1-28, Barrio Calle Nueva, Tolú, Sucre. (Point of reference: “Muelle Público de Transporte a las Islas”). In this place you will find a collaborator of the Hotel Isla Múcura, who will assist you.

Return from Hotel Isla Múcura to Tolú.
65.000 Colombian pesos
Departure: 10:00 am
From the reception of the Hotel Isla Múcura.

Luggage Information
8 Kilos per person
Bring only what you can carry on your legs.
*Note: If you plan to bring more, let us know in advance (you really don’t need to bring much, you just need swimwear!).

If you don’t reserve we can’t guarantee a space in our boat. (previous reservation required).

Now get on the boat and enjoy the ride, you also have several options to choose from, some include a tour of the archipelago and lunch on board.

Remember that the Check In time is 01:00 p.m. and the Check Out time is 10:00 a.m.

Mucura Island, Colombia


Ticket costs

As we already told you, you will find different types of prices and services to get to the island of Múcura. The paradise is visited every day, from adventurous backpackers, tourists and even businessmen.

One of the options is to leave from the Bodeguita Pier in Cartagena and get on board of a safe and modern boat, its price is 100,000 COP per section. This means that you have to calculate about 200.000 COP to make sure you get there and back.

We recommend that you only take on the boat what you will need, after all, swimwear and a handbag is more than enough, anyway we tell you that the maximum weight allowed is 8 kilos per person, but if for some reason you need to carry more, you can contact them directly.

Normally the trip leaves at 9 am but you should arrive 30 minutes earlier, even if you already have a reservation, because you have to pay a tax that corresponds to the entrance to the national park, its value is less than a dollar and is only paid once. To return to Cartagena you must be 11.30 am to check out and say goodbye to the island.

But… What if I don’t have that kind of money?

Don’t worry! If you are on a tight budget we recommend the second option. This alternative is more economical, although it takes more time to get to your destination, but you will have a great time. Don’t forget that you are coming to enjoy yourself. Follow the next steps:

  • From Cartagena take a bus to Tolú, this has a cost of 35,000 COP Approx. per section and after about 3 hours of route you will arrive at the terminal.
  • From there you can take any transport that takes you to the dock, and once at the dock you can get boats that go to the island that cost around 50,000 COP Approx.
  • The trip by sea from here to the island is shorter, in one hour you will be in Múcura Island.

With this information you already have the estimated prices, now you can build your budget.😉.


Where to stay in Isla Múcura

If you are looking for a quiet place, with a private beach, excellent location and to feel as you have always dreamed, we invite you to visit our Hotel Isla Múcura.

As soon as you enter our complex, you will feel how the murmur of the sea harmonizes all your sensations around you, while you assimilate and become aware that yes, it is reality: You have arrived to paradise.

In a 100% natural environment you can enjoy all our facilities, whether you are with your family, as a couple or with friends. Here we will be waiting for you with a smile to give you the best.

At Hotel Isla Múcura you not only get a place to stay, it is a complete experience where the protagonist is you. That’s why you will have an excellent attention from our professional staff. Your task here? Disconnect completely and just contemplate, laugh and be amazed by the natural wonders of the Colombian beaches 🇨🇴.


Types of accommodations at Hotel Isla Múcura



In a log construction on a levada of the ground, relax in a private environment, exclusive for two people.

If in the afternoon you feel like watching the sea, just go to the window or the balcony and contemplate it.

Under the kiosk you will find tables, chairs and hammocks to chat, spread out or just look at the pictures you have taken during the day. 📷 .


Live the experience of staying in a natural environment and choose a bungalow, this construction has the comfort that every traveler needs 😃.

They are located inside our complex in the exclusive beachfront area, if you are traveling as a couple this option is for you.

Psst, a secret! If you want to surprise your partner, wake her up early and invite her to watch the sunrise together. A romantic act and an experience she will never forget.


Do you like hostel life?

Take a look at this option, these dorms are designed for you to rest but also the idea is that you share your experiences in a common environment, hundreds of travelers sit in the evenings and tell stories, legends and just look at their eyes to see the intensity in which they live.

It is the cool, comfortable and natural place you need to tell all your adventures to other travelers like you.

Come in for a closer look.


If you come with your family or friends and want to stay in a private and quiet place, consider our cabins. You will find the comfort of an excellent natural construction but with air conditioning, private bathroom and a spacious living room.

When you leave the cabin you will have the whole park of palms, with tables and chairs to continue enjoying.


How to get to Hotel Isla Múcura

Whether you are coming from La Bodeguita dock in Cartagena or from Tolú, when you arrive at the island you must tell the staff of the boat that you will be staying at the Isla Múcura Hotel and they will kindly tell you its location.

Just in case, always carry with you the voucher of your reservation, in order to enter the whole complex directly and without delays.

Plans, activities and tours to do in Isla Múcura

In Isla Múcura you can perform various activities every day, you will have time to admire and contemplate all the paradisiacal environment, white sands bathed by warm and calm waters of the Caribbean Sea, but we also want you to live it up close.

The wonderful thing about this place is the friendly conscience with the environment, most of the nautical sports that we are going to mention below are human powered, that is, only in some cases motors are used, because the objective is to minimize the ecological damage to the coral reef that surrounds this dream site.

We tell you which are the most exciting activities you can enjoy in Isla Múcura:


The calm waters of the island provide the perfect conditions for kayaking. You will find service providers that will guide you to practice this sport for advanced and beginners, even if you have never had a paddle in your hands!

If you haven’t practiced it yet and have no idea what kayaking is, we tell you that it is a sport based on getting into a kind of narrow canoe, sitting down and, with a single paddle that has two paddles on the sides, making circular movements in the water, you can move forward, turn and do all the necessary maneuvers to move.


Snorkeling requires no previous knowledge and can be done by anyone of any age. But we recommend that you also pay attention to the introductory safety talk, where you will be taught the basic movements to appreciate the underwater world.

Put on your fins, mask and snorkel to begin this adventure. You will swim at the water’s level in a shallow area and observe the seabed from the surface, while breathing calmly through the snorkel.

You will have the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural environment of crystal clear waters without the need to carry equipment and the necessary training for diving.


If you are an intrepid traveler and want to go further, we recommend this activity. Locate the nearest dive center and join their daily mini-courses where certified people teach you how to dive in a very safe, easy and fun way.

Then move away from the coast with your group and your instructor, and dive into the crystal clear waters of the Colombian Caribbean, you can fully enjoy the wonderful view offered by the ocean floor of the national park of corals.

This national park has more than 50 different species of coral, soft coral and hard coral. There are also about 210 species of fish. The visibility is excellent as you can see at a distance of up to 40 meters.

The most beautiful places to dive and observe the marine fauna and flora are El Canal, El Bajo De Las Barracudas, El Manglar, Pargo and La Pared, all these sites are located 25 minutes by boat from Isla Múcura.


One of the sports practiced by the most intrepid tourists is windsurfing.

Do you dare to do it? 😄

After a short training talk given by trained instructors, you will become familiar with the board, the sails and the postures you must have to stay afloat.

Take advantage of the early morning hours when the waters are calmer and enjoy the gentle wind in the middle of the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea. Yes, all that mounted on your windsurf board!

If you have never practiced windsurfing, don’t miss the opportunity, for beginners they have a special board, large size and a small sail, that will make you stay steady on your board.

Some travelers dare a little more and, guided by expert instructors, take a ride around the surrounding islands, taking advantage of the afternoon wind, when it blows stronger.

Just relax

If you just want to relax in the water and connect with nature in the middle of silence, you can do it with total tranquility. The coral reefs form a natural barrier against the waves and this turns its crystalline waters into a natural pool, ideal to enjoy a refreshing moment of relaxation.

When the sunset arrives, we recommend you to sit on a sun lounger and read comfortably on the beach, accompanying the moment with the taste of a fruit juice. Or contemplate the red Caribbean sky and let your imagination fly, you will see families or friends walking carefree on the seashore.

The beach is extremely calm and quiet. This is your moment. And it is for you to take advantage of it as you wish. You will see that everyone enjoys it in their own way, some sunbathe and cool off with a coconut cocktail, others enjoy the warm water until the sun goes down. Kids can build white sand castles, ride bikes or play tennis.

Star bath tour

Live the fascinating adventure of seeing the luminous plankton. While during the day you enjoy everything you can see with the sun’s rays, when night comes the surprises continue.

On this tour we will take you through the canals of the neighboring island Tintipán, you will discover an almost unique phenomenon that leaves everyone who takes this tour with their mouths open:

In the darkness of the Caribbean night, the sea lights up in unimaginable shapes and colors that seem from another galaxy. This is due to the accumulation of the so-called luminous plankton, a group of aquatic plants that, in the absence of the sun’s rays, begin to cause flashes of blue light that light up with the movement of the water.

If you dare, you can dive into this sea that looks like a fireworks show, but underwater.

Visit the most populated island in the world

Very close to Isla Múcura is Santa Cruz del Islote, the most densely populated island in the world (Real: it is written in the Guinness Book of Records).

Some travelers when they hear this fact are left thinking and comparing it with Manhattan, since that New York island has about 2 million inhabitants, but per square meter, this is the most densely populated.

Take a panoramic tour and after seeing the houses built on artificial reefs that seem to float magically on the sea, disembark on this colorful island. It is very likely that when you arrive you will be surprised by the warmth and friendliness of its inhabitants. A community of more than 1200 people who knew how to take advantage of the little space to build picturesque houses separated by paths built with their own hands.

The main economic income of the villagers depends on fishing and tourism. They are so organized and charitable that they have built a common fund to help each other. One of the most amazing activities you will see on this island is a kind of aquarium where you can swim among sharks, but don’t worry, they don’t do anything, you will come out of the water fascinated by this experience! 😃

Conducts ecological hikes

Tighten your shoelaces because in this adventure you will not dive in turquoise blue waters, this time you will explore the island in a special way: on foot and in a 100% natural environment.

Bring your water bottle, sunglasses and let your explorer spirit come out, a professional guide will help you learn about and identify the species of animals that inhabit the island, as well as the typical plants of this place.

At some point during the walk and when you least expect it, you will find yourself in the Mangrove, centennial trees, with huge roots that are entangled giving rise to a very particular biome. All this together with hundreds of species of birds that inhabit it is part of the natural heritage.

Get to know the island on two wheels (Coming soon).

If you want to exercise your legs a little bit you can take this tour on wheels with us soon. Rent a bike and get on it with joy because you will get to know the island in a fast but intense ride.

Follow the guide who will take you through little explored trails where you will get to know part of the flora and fauna of Isla Múcura. During the tour you will get to know the small town called Puerto Caracol, which is home to almost 90% of the island’s employees. It is the tourists’ beach and as it is public you will find hundreds of tourists bathing and enjoying spectacular views.

Sail in the archipelago and get to know neighboring islands

There is an option to get to know the whole archipelago, and that is to get on a boat and go on an adventure. It is an excellent opportunity to discover how people live on the islands around Isla Múcura and find differences and similarities.

Many people after the tour draw their personal conclusions, some like another island of the archipelago and other travelers promise to return to Isla Múcura assuring that there is nothing like it.

Among these islands is one called Tintipán, it is the largest of the whole complex and has hotels and a shopping center just like Múcura. You can get close and see how these friendly islanders, who are usually vendors, artisans or caretakers of private properties, live.


If you haven’t had any alcoholic beverages it will be much easier for you! Balance is the most important thing here. This fun sport is the famous water skiing, it consists of getting on a board and standing still for as long as possible. A boat with a silent motor pulls you gently while you hold on to a rope called a palonier.

If you have the opportunity to practice it, do not hesitate for a second, besides being a lot of fun, it is very safe.

Stand Up Paddle Board in Múcura

And we continue to keep the balance, glide on a board but this time it’s about using your whole body, working arms, abs and glutes. Concentrate on not falling in the water, you can do it!

Come to the famous Casa En El Agua Hostel

It is a hotel for travelers that is on the water, as you can imagine it does not have beaches, it is only the construction and the place where it is built that makes many curious people come to know it. You will see many people having fun and jumping into the water without fear, this hotel does not allow entry to children under 18 years of age and is more crowded by young people from around the world. If you are traveling with your family, consider another alternative to have a great time and enjoy it all together!

Take a relaxing massage

After taking excursions, walks or hikes we suggest you to take an extra relaxing massage.

Lie face down on a comfortable massage table and let your body be completely decontracted by the hands of specialists.

While this is happening, enjoy the silence, just the murmur of the small waves of the sea and the cheerful whistling of the birds of the island.

Gastronomy of Isla Múcura

It is always a good time to try new flavors, so we recommend that you do not miss the Caribbean gastronomy. Throughout the length and breadth of the island you will find restaurants and food houses where you will be invited to taste irresistible delicacies for any palate.

As you can imagine, being surrounded by sea and nature, gastronomy is strongly linked to the product of the waters. That is why you will find tables full of fish and tropical fruits.

The most common fish in this area are cojinua, barracuda, sierra and chinook. Just one well-cooked piece of these fish will delight your palate.

One of the dishes served is: lobster, if you want to know if this species belongs to this island area you will know it very easily, they measure at least 23 centimeters long from the tail to the antennae.

Here are some of the elaborated dishes that you can taste in this Caribbean corner:

  • Colombian shrimp ceviche: This is a dish based on shrimp, tomato sauce, lemons and soda crackers.
  • Sancocho de pescado: A delicious stew cooked with meat, chicken or fresh fish.
  • Rice with coconut, rice with beans, rice with chicken, meat.
  • Lobsters and fresh seafood.
  • Arepa de huevo: This is a kind of fried corn dough with a fried egg inside.
  • Empanadas.
  • Bean fritter: It is a salty corn fritter usually fried and inside it has black beans.
  • Fried plantains: These are plantains that are accompanied with coconut rice or red snapper.
  • Carimañola: Yucca cooked in oil stuffed with fish or meat and cheese.
  • Butifarras colombianas: Smoked meatballs usually accompanied with a yucca bun.
  • Motes de queso: Yam and melted cheese accompanied with grilled eggplant.
  • Lobsters, shrimps, trout, crabs are part of the delicious dishes you can find in Isla Múcura.
  • Rondón: An exquisite fish fillet mixed with yucca, pork tail, yam, cooked plantain and flour tortillas. All this cooked in coconut milk with pepper.

Accompany these meals with fried or baked breadfruit. It is eaten when it has not yet ripened to enjoy its intense flavor.

After tasting these delicacies when the sun sets and the afternoon arrives you will see the friendly islanders exhibiting and selling sweets of the region such as coconut balls, cocadas and sweet fruit juices, you can accompany it with the ahuyama and corn cakes.

These are some of the drinks you can enjoy in Isla Múcura:

  • Piña Colada: The perfect mix of coconut cream, pineapple juice, rum, and a little ice!
  • Daiquiri: the perfect mix with sliced strawberries, lemon juice, ice, rum and sugar.
  • Coco Loco: cream, lime, ice, and… vodka, rum and tequila – BOOM!
  • Mojito: here the difference in flavor, mint, lime, ice, sugar and white rum.
  • Caipirinha: You are not in Brazil, but this drink is already worldwide, cachaça, lime, white sugar, and lemon slices.
  • Martini Expresso: Iced espresso coffee, vanilla syrup, coffee liqueur and vodka.
  • Tequila Sunrise: A mix of tequila, ice, orange juice and grenadine. On the rim of your glass you will find the typical decoration of an orange slice and a cherry.
  • Gin Tonic: Gin, tonic water and lemon juice.

Or you can share other cocktails with your partner or friend such as Vodka Tonic, Vodka Soda, Aguardiente, Tequila, Wine, or Rum Bottles.
But… What if I don’t drink alcohol? 🤔

Say no more! You can opt for these options:

  • Coconut Lemonade: enjoy this natural drink that combines coconut milk, lemon, sugar, water and crushed ice.
  • Cherry Lemonade: Cherries, lemon, sugar, water and ice.
  • Natural juices: delicious smoothies or juices that are made with fruits from the island.
  • Fruit salads: Apple, banana, coconut, and other knife-cut fruits are blended into a fruity juice to refresh you.

While drinking these delicious beverages you can accompany them with snacks, peanuts, potatoes or chocolates.

What to buy in Isla Múcura

If you want to buy something 100% natural that has been worked by the hands of native islanders and built with materials from Múcura, you will have many alternatives.
Many of these vendors are registered in plans to conserve the ecosystem, so you can trust them because they comply to the letter with all preservation regulations.

Take with you some nice products such as paintings, handicrafts made with leaves and trunks, you will certainly be doing two very positive actions, taking an unforgettable souvenir and helping the economy of the place.

Remember that if for some reason the prices seem too high, do not try to bargain, they know the work it has taken them to make some crafts and the time of trials to obtain the final product.

You can also find light clothing to wear both day and night, usually with beautiful colorful designs that have to do with the sea, corals and the beach.

Island Climate

As we have told you, in this paradisiacal island you don’t need to bring much luggage, with your bathing suit, sunglasses and suntan lotion you will be fine, but we want to tell you more in detail about the climate.

In Múcura you will enjoy most of the year a pleasant tropical climate, the temperatures are around 30° C, you may think “oh how hot! but in reality the breeze that comes from the sea constantly makes the weather very pleasant.

Thousands of tourists visit here throughout the year, but the high season is in December, January, June, July and Easter.
A detail to mention is that during the months of June and July there is a dry season with no rainfall due to a phenomenon known as “Veranillo de San Juan”.

Keep in mind that it only rains two months a year: in August and November the rest of the year you will find a Caribbean climate with high humidity and if in such case you have already scheduled to visit us for those months, do not worry even in those times the sun appears at some time of the day.

Tips for visitors

Before finishing this super post about Isla Múcura, we are going to leave you some tips and recommendations for you to keep in mind during your visit.

Check list:

  1. If you are a traveler who wants to get your money’s worth in underwater experiences and sports, then reduce your daily budget by carrying extra food and some water in your bag.
  2. Bring some warm clothes, although during the day it is hot and generally humid, at night you will need a garment to cover you from the cold.
  3. For those who want to snorkel and have their personal sports equipment, you can bring it. And if you don’t have it, don’t worry, the service providers have one for you and you can rent it.
  4. When you are underwater, whether you are diving or snorkeling, pay attention to the indications of the professional instructors, there is a delicate flora underwater and we don’t want them to be stepped on and deteriorate the reefs.
  5. Prepare your GoPro and if you don’t have it, borrow one, it is a must to capture underwater moments with a sports camera. Come and make this adventure a lifetime memory.
  6. If you want to live experiences on the beach, day and night, we recommend that you take with you plenty of money because there are no ATMs on the island, Colombian pesos and U.S. dollars are accepted.
  7. Remember to have your passport, documentation, sunscreen and some basic medicines in your bag in case something happens.
  8. Take care of the environment, do not throw garbage or bags into the sea. Carry your own plastic bags in your pockets and carry everything you throw away with you until you find the nearest trash can.
  9. The nature in Isla Múcura is in balance with a great ecosystem comprising coral reefs, mangroves, sandy shores, coastal lagoons and tropical dry forest. Again, take care of the environment.
  10. Under these crystal clear waters you will see sea turtles, the Colombian government focuses on the protection of these animals, so if an instructor tells you that you can not touch them for any reason, you just follow the order.
  11. When you are about to leave the island, some companies make the return trip to Cartagena or Tolu in the afternoon. If you have vertigo, we do not recommend this option, since in the afternoon the tide rises the most and the trip will be safe, but a bit rough. If you want to return to the mainland without any problems, take the return service in the morning.

Map of Isla Múcura

Below we leave you a map where we show you the whole Isla Múcura marking the main attractions that you can visit.
You can save it on your computer or on your phone, the island is not very big but if you wish from now on it will be your compass to guide you 😉

What did you think of the article If you have any questions, write us to Whatsapp or call us, before embarking on a trip, we want you to have things clear, as clear and transparent as the water surrounding our beloved Isla Múcura. 😃.

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