(Collection of data on personal information of guests, according to law 1581 of 2012 and its regulatory Decrees)


This Privacy Notice (hereinafter the “Notice”) sets forth the terms and conditions under which INVERSIONES MUNDO MÚCURA SAS with NIT 901079616-5 with address at CL 29 N° 52 74 Medellín, will process your personal data. 1. TREATMENT AND PURPOSE: The treatment that INVERSIONES MUNDO MÚCURA SAS with NIT 901079616-5 will carry out. With personal information will be as follows: The collection, storage, use, circulation for the purpose of performing loyalty activities and contact the owner of the information to send service surveys after each stay that allow the qualification of the service provided, and communicate invitations, offers, promotions, portfolio of services or general information that is aimed at continuing to make use of the Hotel and to offer the corresponding services. 2. RIGHTS OF THE OWNER: As the owner of your personal data you have the right to: (i) Access free of charge to the data provided that have been processed. (ii) Know, update and rectify your information in case of partial, inaccurate, incomplete, incomplete, fractioned, misleading, or those whose treatment is prohibited or has not been authorized. (iii) Request proof of the authorization granted. (iv) File complaints before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) for violations of the provisions of the regulations in force. (v) To revoke the authorization and/or request the deletion of the data, provided that there is no legal or contractual obligation that prevents their deletion. (vi) Refrain from answering questions about sensitive data. Responses concerning sensitive data or data of children and adolescents shall be optional. 3. MECHANISMS TO KNOW THE PROCESSING POLICY The Holder may access our Information Processing Policy, which is published on the website or at the reception of the HOTEL, where there is a physical copy of them.

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