Which is better, Isla Múcura or Isla Tintipan?

What is the best destination?

Both islands are fantastic destinations and although Tintipan Island has the largest biodiversity of the entire archipelago and makes it ideal for those who love to be among nature and enjoy activities such as diving and snorkeling, Isla Múcura has much more to offer to those who visit it, which is why it is a favorite among tourists and many only come to Tintipan on their way to Múcura 🏝.

Although the island is small, Múcura is a paradisiacal place with beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise Caribbean waters, a radiant sun and most importantly a quiet environment to relax. On the beaches of this island you won’t find street vendors or crowded tourists ruining your peace, on the contrary, it is such a placid and relaxing place that it is the perfect place to disconnect from the world and forget forever the stress of work and daily life 🌴.

A dream vacation

Make your vacations in Isla Múcura the best of your life by taking advantage of everything this destination has to offer.  To get to the island you must take one of the boats that leave once a day from Santiago de Tolú, however, there are packages that you can hire where you will not only go from one point to another but during the tour of about 1 hour, you can see much of the archipelago and the most important islands that are on the way ⛵.

When you arrive at your destination, if you have booked at Hostal Isla Múcura you will be greeted with the best service whether you have hired a simple hammock, a room or you have decided on one of the most beautiful cabins. From the moment you arrive you will enjoy your stay on the island with the best activities and places to visit.

The peacefulness of the island will make you want to spend the whole day lying by the sea just relaxing but we assure you that there is much more to enjoy and forget about stress. For example, the hotel 🏨 offers a massage service, you can choose if you want it with essential oils or clay and chocolate, plus you can also request the exfoliation service with mineral salts that will make you look and feel spectacular.

If you decide that this trip will not only be to get away from stress but will become a romantic getaway with your partner, you have chosen the right destination because Múcura with its incredible beaches and its placid and quiet environment will give you that space and perfect moments that you want so much with your partner 💑.

You can also enjoy with her extremely pleasant walks by the sea that if you make them in the late afternoon, will witness a landscape with the most beautiful sunsets and if you decide to walk during the night, will have to its credit the most romantic background with a firmament full of stars so the Hostal Isla Múcura among its services, offers a Star Bath Tour where you can enjoy one of these walks under the moonlight and a sky full of stars.

Don’t forget these tips!

The beaches of the Múcura Islands are beautiful and have a radiant sun so do not forget to include in your luggage sunscreen, sunglasses, a big hat and umbrella so you can enjoy the beach without worries.

Travel light and comfortable 😊, nothing better than walking with little luggage, take only what is necessary, remember that you are going on vacation and the idea is to leave behind your day to day and especially the worries; do not forget to wear clothes that do not bother you, especially you should wear shoes with good grip, sports and bathing shoes on the beaches, as you may walk a lot from your arrival until the time you leave so you should not carry shoes or clothes that bother you and much less too heavy suitcases.

While you enjoy your vacations in Isla Múcura, visit all the places you can and take advantage of practicing various activities with which you will not only have fun but you will live unique experiences but always remember to be as respectful with the ecosystem, do not throw garbage on the beach and do not take anything or damage anything, it depends on us to take care of paradises like Isla Múcura so that they can be enjoyed by other generations 😊.