Where to sleep in Isla Múcura?

But, where is it and how to get to Isla Múcura?

Isla Múcura is one of the 10 islands that are part of the San Bernardo archipelago and the Corales del Rosario National Park, it is located specifically in the Gulf of Morrosquillo 50 km southeast of Cartagena de Indias so to get there you must travel by boat from Santiago de Tolú in a trip that takes about 1 hour.

In Cartagena and San Onofre you can find buses that will take you to Santiago de Tolú where once a day boats leave to Isla Múcura, they also offer tour packages to tour the archipelago and visit most of the islands.

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Now, where are you staying?

Surely you are looking for a good place that offers excellent service, with the best packages and the best price, after all it is the ideal of any visitor and although the island is small and has few options to choose from, there is certainly a place that meets all these requirements and is the best option to enjoy your stay on the island: the Hotel Isla Múcura.

This beautiful hotel offers several lodging options such as elegant Kiosks from💲310,000 pesos per room, beautiful and quiet Bungalows from💲380,000 pesos per room and the most spectacular cabins from 💲880,000 pesos.

Any option you choose will provide you with a relaxing and harmonious space with the peace you are looking for in your long-awaited vacation, keep in mind that prices and so on may vary over time, but you can make sure of those prices on the booking page. Also, Isla Múcura usually has a high traffic of tourists and travelers who come to enjoy the wonders of this tropical paradise, so it is important that you make your reservation in advance and avoid any inconvenience.

But the lodging and its paradisiacal views thanks to its proximity to the sea are not the only thing that this beautiful hotel offers you, in it you can also find one of the best restaurants 👨🍳 of the island where along with a touch of very good music you can enjoy the taste of Colombian food as well as the best international recipes including menus for those who are vegetarians.

And as if this were not enough, the restaurant has a bar where you can taste from the best tropical fruit juices to a wide variety of cocktails and michelada beers 🍸.

Enjoy your stay to the fullest!

Isla Múcura is an ideal place for a romantic getaway or just to disconnect from the world, however, you can do much more than just relax on its perfect beaches 🏖 .

There are several activities that the island has for your enjoyment ranging from quiet beach walks not only in the day but also at night under a starry sky and a cool and romantic atmosphere to sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding to some more extreme ones like holding on to two fins to be pulled by a motor boat.

Different and fun activities to enjoy and also if you decide to hire the Isla Múcura Hotel packages, you will not only live a unique recreational experience, but you will always have the assistance of professional and trained staff for your safety.

And at the end of a day full of joys and adventures, do not forget to ask for any of the massages and therapies with mineral salts or chocolate offered by the hotel, they will make you feel renewed and revitalized either for another great day in Isla Múcura or to return home with the batteries to the maximum and ready to eat the world after a restful rest in this wonderful paradise 😃.