What to do in Isla Múcura?

A romantic trip

Whether it is your honeymoon or a simple romantic getaway with your partner, Isla Múcura 🏝 with its fine, soft and white sand, its turquoise waters, its radiant sun and a calm and quiet atmosphere, becomes the perfect place to spend those dreamy moments with the love of your life.

Unlike many beaches in the world, the ones you can find on the island are not full of hawkers or tourists crowded everywhere, on the contrary, it is a peaceful place with landscapes that seem straight out of a postcard and that will make that romantic trip with your partner, the best of your life 😌.

Time to relax

The quiet environment of Isla Múcura lends itself not only to relax sunbathing on the beach but also for long walks, either during the day visiting all the places that the island has to offer; while the sun goes down and the moon appears to enjoy beautiful and romantic sunsets while the heat is lost in the ocean and brings with it a refreshing night breeze; or after dark walking under a sky full of stars and if you enjoy with your partner becomes one of the most romantic experiences in the world ❤.

The Hostal Isla Múcura offers a Tour called Star Bath that will allow you to have that quiet and / or romantic walk with the light of the moon and stars. Likewise, the hotel also offers massage packages with essential oils or if you prefer with medicinal clays and chocolate that will leave you feeling like new, you can also request a full exfoliation with mineral salts to deeply cleanse and regenerate your skin cells, a treatment that will leave you revitalized 😃.

Enjoy the adrenaline and adventure.

If you are one of those who can’t sit still and after a couple of days of silence and tranquility you feel bored and want adrenaline, don’t worry! Isla Múcura has to offer you several activities that will make you happy.

Snorkeling and diving

Isla Múcura is one of the 10 islands located within the San Bernardo archipelago and the Corales del Rosario National Natural Park, which has the most extensive and diverse coral formation of the entire Colombian continental shelf, making it the ideal place for this type of activity.

You will find several sites that offer snorkeling and / or diving services on the island because in front of it, is one of the few places within the archipelago where this type of activity is allowed so if you are on vacation here, do not miss the opportunity and take the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience where you can find the most beautiful reefs with corals and seagrasses of all.

Kayaking, Paddle and extreme sports

The Hostal Isla Múcura offers packages where you can perform any of these activities, in the first one you can navigate in Kayak 🚣 through the waters of the island for two hours, enjoying the vastness of the sea and the beauty of the archipelago; in the second activity you can demonstrate your skills and balance by standing on a board and with a paddle in hand, navigate the beautiful beach waters.

But if you are looking for more adrenaline you can hire the last package where you will have extreme fun holding on to two fins that will then be winged by a motor boat but don’t worry, you can go at your own pace so the speed you take will only depend on you and how much adrenaline you want 😉 .

A tour of the archipelago

In the middle of the afternoon, tours are offered on the island to visit other islands of the archipelago such as Tintipán Island and Santa Cruz del Islote, the first famous for its biodiversity where you can find beautiful places to see and tour and the second, considered the most populated island settlement in the world, where you will find locals and various places to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

So now you know, in Isla Múcura there are plenty of things to do and above all, reasons to visit and enjoy the vacation you need 😃.