Recommendations for travel to Isla Múcura

Travel light and comfortable

If you are one of those people who usually travel with as much luggage as if you were moving, we recommend that you avoid doing so and take only the necessary luggage for the time you will stay on the island.

A large number of suitcases or heavy luggage will not only make your trip uncomfortable, especially during the journey you will have to walk from the Múcura pier to the place where you will be staying, but you should also take into account that the boats in which you will travel to reach your destination have a maximum weight limit that you should not exceed.

Also, wear comfortable clothes for the trip and suitable for the place 🏝 .

What should you pack?

  • Cool, loose clothing that keeps you comfortable and avoids feeling hotter than necessary.
  • Comfortable shoes with good grip (sport shoes, special shoes for swimming at the beach, etc.).
  • Sunscreen that you can use daily to protect your skin.
  • A beach hat to protect you from the sun’s rays and avoid sunburn.
  • Sunglasses to protect you from the sun’s rays.
  • Mosquito and mosquito repellent, as in any tropical paradise, you will encounter many of them during your stay.
  • Thermos of drinking water so you can stay hydrated.
  • Medical assistance card or travel insurance because you should always be prepared for anything, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Considers that paradise and technology do not go hand in hand

A paradisiacal destination like Isla Múcura can only maintain its beauty and above all its atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility thanks to the disconnection with the modern world so you should not be surprised if you arrive at Isla Múcura and you have no phone signal or Wifi 📱.

Don’t despair! The signal is NOT non-existent, it is simply very weak in most of the locations of the island and the only operators that work are TIGO and CLARO, it is also important that you take cash with you, as you will hardly find ATMs or exchange houses.

So the recommendation is that you take advantage of your stay to get away from the daily stress, disconnect from the world and simply relax and enjoy a well-deserved vacation 😌..

Planning is the key to a successful trip

Nothing will allow you to have a more peaceful and pleasant trip than planning and booking everything in advance, especially in high seasons such as Easter or Christmas.

Plan in advance and calmly the days of your stay, the activities you will do and find out all the necessary schedules and itineraries to carry them out. Remember that booking in advance not only your lodging, but also your airplane ticket, boat tickets 🚤 and the activities you will do, will save you many headaches 😃.

The success of any trip depends on how well you plan it, so doing it in advance and with all the information at hand is a great advantage, especially considering that Isla Múcura 🏝 is small and therefore the options of lodging, places to visit and activities to do may be reduced, especially in high season.

It is also important to take into consideration that if you will perform any activity or sport you must do it in the company of professionals and qualified personnel demanding that minimum safety standards such as the use of life jackets and life jackets, first aid kit ⛑, medical assistance, etc. are met. Safety is not a game, do not put your life or your family’s life at risk.

That is why one of the best options to consider during the planning of your trip is the Isla Múcura Hotel 🏨 since it will not only provide you with a quiet lodging with the best service and attention at an excellent price but it also has a restaurant with national and international menus and activity packages.

If you are a person who likes adrenaline, the hotel offers packages for Kayaking, Paddle and various extreme sports, always assisted by trained staff that will give you the security you need 😃 ; but if you are a quieter person you can take the Tour Baño de estrellas or enjoy massages and therapies that will relax you and leave you feeling like new.

Don’t forget to take care of the place you visit

Many destinations sometimes become battered or deteriorated because of the visitors they receive, don’t be one of them! 😔

For this beautiful natural paradise to last for future generations we must take care of it so avoid littering on the beach and carry a backpack 🎒 where to place it if there is no deposit nearby, take care of the corals during activities such as diving avoiding touching them or taking them as well as any animal, plants or stones.

It is forbidden to make bonfires or use gunpowder. Save water and energy by taking short showers and turning off the air conditioning when you leave the room.

If you take into consideration all these recommendations, then you will be ready to enjoy your trip to Isla Múcura 😃.