The BUNGALOW OCEAN FRONT is ideal for you if you are traveling with your partner and want to surprise her with a romantic night, she will love being only 3 meters from the sea and spend a private evening, you will be very close to nature and you will wake up in the morning with the sound of the waves.

Enjoy your stay and get to relax, stroll along the beach and do not miss the beautiful sunsets that gives you the Isla Múcura.
It is a paradise pleasant to the eye as well as the body and heart, fill yourself with energy with a magical experience full of happiness.

Book now a Deluxe Bungalow and come with your partner to enjoy your private beach in the Caribbean Sea.
All our prices are subject to change according to season and availability.
  1. Cancellation of Reservations With Prior Notice: Modifications are accepted 20 days in advance, or freezing the reservation for 6 days. In case of choosing a season with a higher value, the excess of the value of the season will be charged, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.
  2. Cancellation of Reservations Without Prior Notice: By not giving any notice you are NOT entitled to request any refund or modification (20 days in advance).
  3. Cancellation due to interruption of stay: Any reservation interrupted by decision of the CLIENT, before the date of termination of services, will be assumed in its entirety by the CLIENT, so that the Hotel Isla Múcura will not generate any refund. 
  4. Cancellation due to circumstances beyond the client's control (terrorist acts, pandemic, death of a relative of the first degree of consanguinity and natural disasters), in case of not being able to make the trip or arrive at the destination, the reservation will be frozen, without any penalty (NO REFUND), so that it can be rescheduled on another date with the same characteristics of the initial reservation.
  5. It is essential to bring your identity card and passport, and if you come with minors do not forget the birth certificate, at the entrance you will be asked for the documents.
  6. Hotel Isla Múcura rejects exploitation, pornography, sexual tourism and other forms of sexual tourism with minors and contributes to the compliance of law 679 of 2001 and law 300 of tourism.